L'unità di storia e Filosofia nello Storicismo Crociano in Etica e Politica

Ivan Pozzoni


This my new essay would like to explain how, far from to the optimistic determinism of hegelian Phäinomenologie des Geistes, learned from it (and from Vico) the two features of concreteness and immanentism, crocian historicism, taught by Vico himself, mediated by De Sanctis and Labriola and hinged in the entire dialectic construction of Benedetto Croce, it throws against the abstractness of all forms of Enlightenment, historical or contemporary, proposing the creation of a new re-definition of «philosophy»; awakened the dormant nineteenth-century’s historiography, welded, in unity, the duo historiography / philosophy and integrated into it the whole philosophy, Croce’s historicism, in the name of the moderate ideal of «[...] unity between philosophy and history [...]», aims at the creation of new communities, of innovative cultural traditions.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3308/if.v10i20.149