L'interpolazione more theologico nell'Expositio Peryermeneias

Vanni Claves


In this paper, I present a section of the Expositio Peryermeneias, composed by Thomas Aquinas in the period between 1270 and 1271, during the second Parisian regency (1269-1272). I will suggest that this section has the Boethius' Secunda editio as compositive model and the correspondent article of the Summa Theologiae as substantive source. The evidence of this thesis is provided by an analytical treatment of Aquinas' philosophical and theological works, based on current historical knowledge. Furthermore, from a theoretical point of view, I will consider Aquinas' notion of truth, seeking both the logical and ontological principle.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3308/if.v14i25.208