Neomarxismo e letteratura: l’ermeneutica demistificante di Fredric Jameson

Marco Gatto


The article resumes the critical and theorical experience of Fredric Jameson, today considered the most important Marxist thinker and cultural critic in the Usa. Starting from the first original book about the Marxist Dialectic, through a work about the ideology of the literary text, until an elaboration of concepts like Postmodernism and Postmodernity, this work represents a critical introduction to the Jameson's activity. The article wants to underline the exigence to rethink Marxism as a critical method in the cultural field, in a moment in which theory does not seem to have a bind with the political praxis. Jameson's works are a demonstration of this crisis in the realm of the literary criticism.

Key words: Marxist Dialectic, political praxis, literary criticism.