La collocazione della schola pythagorica tra essere e dover essere etico/sociali

Ivan Pozzoni


This my new contribution - on the wake of my recent studies on the milesian school, on Xenophanes, on Heraclitus and on Plato - aims to achieve three interesting historiographic objectives, neglected by the modern doctrine: a] to demonstrate - through close examination of the development of the Hellenic institutions - how, in the history of marginal Greece one must recognise an irrefutable feedback effect between the social context (colonization of Southern Italy) and the cultural context (the writings of Pithagorics); b] to analyze the evolution of the nature of the new associative model of the pythagorean community; c] to show how the theoretical interlacement among a non-monistic ontology, based on the distinction matter / spirit and on the recognition of the existence of a variety of different elements, and a conservative ethics, based on the statement of concordia ordinum in the city, leads, in cosmology, to conceive the notion of cosmic harmony.