L’etica come dissoluzione di «falsi dilemmi» in Giovanni Vailati: volontà, libertà e utilità

Ivan Pozzoni


This my new contribution - on the wake of my recent studies on Mario Calderoni- attempts to demonstrate how Giovanni Vailati introduces a detailed analysis of the theoretical universe of actions and will, arriving to face, through the abundant appeal to the flexible tool of the review, interesting ethical themes as: a] statute of ethic, between wish and sanction; b] dilemma of liberty, between determinism and indeterminism; c] dilemma of utility, between kantism and utilitarianisms. Analytical dissolution of the "false dilemmas" of ethics, together with the study and the organization of the wish's universe, is understood from Giovanni Vailati as supreme mission of the "moralist" (or of the meta-"moralist"), and of the man himself, in front of a critical historical moment, characterized by the diffused weakening of the bases of the traditional ethic and by a relentless decline of religious ideologies.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3308/if.v8i16.81