Ética e pesquisa na produção do conhecimento

Osvaldo Dalberio, Mário José Filho


This text is resulted from a bibliographical research, whose approached basic themes are: Ethics and Research. The objective is to discuss the pertinent subjects to the process of human knowledge, looking for the several man’s visions and, finally, to insert some ideas on the process of socialization of that knowledge through the research, evidencing the ethical subjects. That is justified for the fact that the human subject apprehends the reality and that knowledge is denominated of primary, secondary and tertiary. Through that procedure, it elaborates the language to manifest. Thus, the introjections of values through the socially built language. Such values are classified like common language, metaphysics, moral, logic, aesthetics and psychological. Man’s conception denounced by the church in Puebla de Los Angeles, in 1979, it is characterized through the categories: determinist vision, psychologist, economist, individualist, collectivist, statistician and scientific vision. Starting from those interferences, one can understand the man inserted in the socialization process. It is right there that he understands himself like a social being inside the generosity. For that reason, it is fundamental that he looks for the Being’s sense and not of Having, valuing the daily experience, understanding the mechanism of interaction, reflecting about himself and about the man in all of the aspects, being moved by the Ethical Spirit. Therefore, making possible the man’ humanization in the socialization process.

Key words: Ethics, Knowledge, Language.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3308/if.v6i12.25